Sunday, October 19, 2008

Toad version numberings explained

Version numbers between the different components of the different products can be pretty confusing ever for us who work on it. Before 3.0 of the Core (The part of Toad that is shared between the products) each product had it's own release schedule and with that each had it's own release version of this. After release 3.0 we now try to coordinate releases between the different products (They are usually staggered with a few weeks, but they are all based off of the same core version now).

When I talk about versions in this blog I will usually unless otherwise specified refer to the Core version. This should in most cases correspond to the version of the product except for TDA in which case you just reduce 2 major release version.

Also to confuse matters even more a product can choose to skip a release (As for instance the DB2 product is doing now with the 4.1 release). Usually this happens because we need more time on that specific platform to get the features in that we want to have in a specific release.

If you are interested in what Core version your Toad is currently running you can check the .Net assembly version of the ToadCore.dll assembly of your application.

Here is a list of how the different versions of Toad relate to each others and the corresponding Core versions.

CoreToad for SqlServerToad for DB2Toad for MySQLToad for Data Analysis
2.0--2.0 -
3.03.0-3.0 - 1.0 1.1 2.0
4.1 14.1-4.1 2.1

1 Since these releases are not done yet this information is subject to change.

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